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Australia's leading supplier of handmade personalised rock candy for weddings, birthdays, christenings,and corporate promotions.
Buy your candy direct from the manufacturer and save!
If you are looking for a special favour or gift for your event or occasion, Designer Candy can help, offering handmade sweets such as rock candy and customised lollies, including personalised lollipops. Orders placed with Designer Candy will be made to their high quality standards and delivered on time, every time. Their exceptional customer service makes ordering easy and hassle-free.
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​What's New

Designer Candy Now available in individually packaged candies!
Suitable for separate distribution
Candy stays longer
Keep clean
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Our Top Sellers

Personal customization
Enterprise customization
Custom Standard DC Candy
Design your own custom made Candy! The Designer  Candy with personalised names or initials inside the candy adds a personal touch to your wedding day and is the perfect way to incorporate your colour theme and impress your guests.
Special Occasions
Candy for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and special days can be found here.
  Designer Candy was established in 2007. The passion for a premium handmade candy product has seen the company grow into the team of talented confectioners and candy consultants who work from the candy factory and showroom in Tullamarine, Melbourne.
  The Designer Candy team takes great pride in creating the very best quality candy and lollipops on the market. Every candy product is handmade, a process which takes a lot of time & expertise. The art of creating rock candy by hand is a highly specialised skill which takes many years to perfect.
  The words and images inside the candy are not printed, stamped, or downloaded onto the candy – they are created one by one by hand, in large 3D versions of the letters or images, which are built up in layers of candy to create a giant version of the lolly, which is then stretched out into thin rods, and then chopped into bite size pieces. Click here to watch how the candy is made! We also welcome you to visit our candy factory to see the magic unfold before your own eyes! All of our candy is gluten free!
  Designer Candy’s exceptional customer service team will take the stress out of planning your event, with an easy, smooth ordering process and helpful, informative candy consultants to answer any questions you have or help you with your customised candy design. Call us today!

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